Stupid and Buried

Last night I was reading in the Huffington Post and on their front page I came across an article  by a blogger named Mike Julianelle who writes Dad and Buried. His article was called, “10 Ways Living With a Toddler Is Like Being In Prison“. My heart sank. I loathe these bloggers. I’m sure Mr. Julianelle is a perfectly nice man, but his post that made it to the front page of my Huffpost feed made me feel sorry for him and his kid.



As you all know, Mr. MVP and I don’t have children, yet. It’s in the works, but it’s very expensive. Adoption is super pricey and we have to save our pennies and on top of that kids cost money once they come to live with you, so we need to have extra money for important stuff like school and rubber ducks.

Miscellaneous = Rubber Ducks.

So, before you all start complaining that I am a blogger complaining about another blogger who is complaining about kids and I don’t even HAVE kids, calm down. I’ve experienced toddler tantrums first hand, been responsible for the supervision, naps times, bed times, the noise, and the meals. I’ve been The Boss and it was the most amazing and delightful time in my life.

The Title of The Post Attached to This Picture Reads "Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids, Shut the %$#@ Up"

The Title of The Post Attached to This Picture Reads “Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids, Shut the %$#@ Up”

I have no idea what Mr. Julianelle and his son do for fun in their off time, but when I needed to entertain my then three year old charge we would go to the library, go to the neighborhood park, visit Great-Grandma who lived across the street, go on walks, play ball, read books, or ride bikes. If the weather was too cold or wet we moved inside and played trains, watched YouTube clips about construction, looked at family photos, colored, or watched a movie. The thing is, if I needed to do something in the middle of all of our activities I got up and did it. As long as my charge was safe and inside, I was free to move about the cabin. As we say in our house, no big deal.

Even Santa Knows.(

Even Santa Knows.(

We haven’t had kids in our house in a year and it’s sad really. Mr. Julianelle gets to experience the magic of fatherhood and he refers to it as a prison. He complains that having a toddler, raising a toddler, can be suffocating, while Mr. MVP and I have to wait. We have to raise thousands and thousands of dollars and be judged by strangers to be deemed worthy to have a child that we will give every advantage in life and love every single second of it. So you know what, I take back what I said before, sorry Mr. Julianelle, you suck.

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