NVP Parking Only

Dearest Stranger:

Thank you for your interest in where we park our Volkswagen. Today we are parking in a handicapped spot and hanging my placard that expires in 2015 probably because I’m having a less than stellar day. I know it doesn’t look that way to you, but primarily the reason we are parking our car closer to the door than you is because I’m worn out.

Now, this is none of your business, which is why the HIPPA policies were created, but quite frankly, I am irritated by your dirty looks, so, if you have additional questions the next time you see me please feel free to ask, but I’ll try to clear some things up for you right now. The seizures I have are called grand mal seizures. They are really very unpleasant. Every muscle in my body seizes for about 30 seconds, sometimes I lose control of my bladder, gravity takes over, and my brain shuts off. It gets old really fast.

Also, Stranger, I have severe migraines. Imagine a headache so horrible you cannot function – for days on end. Now add vomiting, partial blindness, extreme sensitivity to light, and mood swings. Yup, now combine the seizures and the migraines with degenerative arthritis, tinnitus, and hearing loss. The best part is, extreme heat and cold can actually trigger my seizures and migraines. As an extra fun bonus I’m 35 and haven’t been able to work or drive a car for about 6 years.

Even though we all know this is truly none of your business, Stranger, I thought the look of disgust on your face made you privy to the fact that even though I treat with some of the best doctors in the United States, take medications that sometimes partially stabilize my worst symptoms and eat a diet so restrictive it would boggle your mind, I still have bad days.

Stranger, today my exhaustion has gotten the best of me and If you think for one millisecond that I don’t see your look of repugnance when we parked the VW, don’t fool yourself because I have to tell you, I would trade you that placard for a healthy body in a heartbeat. 

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