Super Cuts Revisited

I adore my short hair. When I first had it cut back in April, however, I was really on the fence. It took time for me to adjust, but now I love it. It’s simple and extremely quick. My hair dries in under five minutes and only requires five short minutes to wash. On bad days, when I’m really not feeling well, and I think back to what it was like dealing with all my long hair after a seizure, I am so incredibly glad I went for it.

My Morning Hair Is Way More Fun.

The one down side about short hair that Mr. MVP neglected to tell me was that you have to get your haircut a lot more often. When I had long hair I probably got my hair cut twice a year, but now I get my hair cut every five weeks. Getting my hair cut now isn’t nearly as stressful as it was back in April, but there is still an art to having short hair.

The first thing you need to do is find someone to cut your hair. Team VP has Chip at Milan in Kalamazoo. Chip is fantastic. He listens to my insane directions and he remembers that I am allergic to everything on the planet Earth. Chip also has a very good sense of humor.

During your haircut it’s very important that you are both not afraid to ask questions, but also not overwhelming your stylist with a barrage of questions. If you see something that looks unusual ask, because after all it’s your head, but at the same time try to relax. My hair in the photograph above looks absolutely silly, but I knew there was a process.

Usually when Team VP visits Milan we bring our Wholly Hemp hair wax, which Chip is kind enough to use in place of the Aveda products that I’m allergic to, but I forgot it. Don’t be afraid to bring a product you normally use in your hair or something you were thinking about trying, especially if you’re going from long hair to short, and asking your stylist for advice. A good stylist will guide you in the right direction. Chip showed me how to use hair wax the right way, which made my short hair easier to manage.

At the very end of your cut make sure to look at your entire head to make sure the length is acceptable. If you’re not happy, speak up. Mr. MVP was taking the photographs and I know I don’t look happy, but I really am. It had been over five weeks and my hair was getting long, so my head feels a whole lot better.

If the very worst happens and you really don’t like your haircut the very best thing you can do is go home and wash your hair, start over and get a new opinion. In April when I first parted with my long hair I did my fair share of panicking, but then strangers started to tell me how much they liked my hair which gave me confidence. I also realized that it’s only hair and it will grow back. Trust me, within four short weeks you will be ready for another haircut.

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