Arrested Development

Season four of Arrested Development will be here in just two short days and we are happy. The Bluth Family got Mr. MVP and I through one of my more particularly long and unpleasant hospital stays. I had blod clots and a staph infection and I required tiny shots that hurt worse than 10 million bee stings. It sucked. At night, Mr. MVP would come visit me and we’d watch Arrested Development on DVD on his computer. We would pull the curtain and giggle at the antics of the Bluths. It was fantastic.

If you’ve never seen Arrested Development or if it’s been a few years, I’m not here to rehash what happened so you can carry on with season four seamlessly and I will not post the exact plot because of the spoilers. You can, however, read all about the banana stand on Wikipedia or just go to Netflix, buy a membership and watch the first three seasons. We are re-watching all the cringe worthy amazingness on Netflix. The Bluths are once again pulling me through this week.

On Monday, May 26th, pour yourself some juice and join us in watching season four of Arrested Development. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t feeling well or if you’re having a bad day because the Bluth Family, no matter what, will make you feel like a champion.

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