Thirty Six Years

Thirty six years ago today Mr. MVP was born. He is pretty fantastic. Ten years ago today Mr. MVP asked me to marry him. As I said, pretty fantastic. Last year for his birthday I surprised Mr. MVP with a custom song. Here is a video of the excitement.

This year we had sushi, I baked a four layer yellow FODMAP free cake with chocolate pumpkin frosting and today we are visiting a vegan bakery. Birthday plans are in full effect.


Mr. MVP is not a huge fan of birthdays and turning 36 is not high on his list of priorities today, so if you see us out and about don’t start singing a full¬†chorus of Happy Birthday. He does appreciate a funny text message or email and I have gotten him to use his emojis more often.

MVP Desk

So, Mr. MVP happy birthday. I know that Grandma Dee took full responsibility for your entire existence and for that I continue to thank her every single day. You are seriously the most wonderful, crazy, amazing and fabulous man. Happy 36 MVP!


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