Dancing Videos Of The Week

I am not one of those cool hipsters that stays current on all the new and modern trends. I’m usually about five days behind everyone else, or in this case, about five months. I love this video because it makes me think of my Grandpa. The group of seniors who danced their way into Harlem Shake fame are the Seniors from the Brennity Tradition in Florida, which is an upscale senior living complex that cares for many different levels of older patients. My Grandfather lived at Bronson Place which is another one of these remarkable facilities and he too did talent shows and plays. If Grandpa was still alive I know he would have loved the Harlem Shake.

I’m not sure if I love this next video because of its Christmas theme or because of the absolute spirit of the woman who starts the song. She is in a wheelchair, but it feels like she is dancing and twirling like a little girl. I’ve spent a lot of time in nursing and rehabilitation facilities and some of them weren’t the best places in the world, but the staff are the key, and these staff look like they are invested. They are all in, 100%, no questions asked. This video is from The Palms, which is another upscale senior living center, where the members look happy and I love happy people.

I’ve only heard this next song because Mr. MVP listens to popular music. It’s pretty catchy and apparently it’s also really popular. The video is freaking priceless. I don’t sing or dance, but this is my romantic vision of what I believe my relationship with my Grandma Poochie would have been like if she had not had cancer. This young woman and her Grandma are fantastically silly in their lip sync of “Call Me Maybe”, which shows that age is sometimes irrelevant.

The sensation that is dancing Nana went right by me the first time, but I caught up with her this morning and my love for her moves is enormous. Dancing Nana reminds me of Mr. MVP. Not only does she have unstoppable joy, but she has style, taste in music and a zeal for life that cannot be contained. Mr. MVP starts dancing for no apparent reason when there isn’t even any music playing, so Dancing Nana can join Team VP and fit right in.

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