Short Rows Demystified

When I first started to knit I would decide on my patterns by carefully inspecting each row before I even purchased the yarn. I was overwhelming concerned that I would reach a point in the project that contained a skill I did not yet have. As I’m somewhat of a perfectionist this fear was only exacerbated when my knitting skills started to broaden. As silly as it sounds, this fear was often defeating because there were lots of amazing projects I never even attempted.

In the past couple of years, however, I have learned to trust myself and know that I can rely on the pattern, the designer, my good friends at Knitting Help and fellow Ravelers when I get really stuck. These knitting life skills have been helping me move my knitting game forward exponentially, until last month when short rows started appearing in my patterns and I fell apart.

I started this Vitamin D cardigan without a care in the world, but the short rows popped up and they took me days and ridiculously foul language to decipher. If and when you encounter these obscenely easy, yet terribly complicated shaping pattern techniques, I’ve made a video to help you through, so you don’t need to spend days cursing at your yarn.

Finally Finished #Knitting The #ShortRows On This #Cardigan. #vitamind #knit #sweater

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Here is a photo of the Vitamin D short rows finished. As you can see they leave small dents on the outside of the fabric – underneath the eyelets. I was unhappy with these at first, but decided these were part of the design.

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